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Meet The Team

My name is Tink Rainbow. I love long walks on the beach, romantic novels, and singing my favorite tunes.  Ok, ok! You got me! I don't like romantic novels, but my name IS Tink Rainbow and I DO love singing, although my clients and team would prefer I didn't.  

I was a special education teacher for 15 years and taught all grade levels.  I enjoyed what I did and LOVED my students, but in complete transparency, the career wasn't what it was cracked up to be, and although I loved my students, I knew in 2020 that the career was depleting me and it was time to take a big leap.  With the help and support of my wife (and Rise Gatherings) I decided to turn in my resignation, and turn my hobby into a career.  That's exactly what I did! I had NO idea it was going to turn into this! I've been given a new chance at life! At least, that's what it feels like! I wake up every day THRILLED to go to "work".  THRILLED to be able to use my "talents"  to improve the way a home or space supports its guests (I use that word "talents" loosely because I had no idea organizing a space was a "talent"). Thrilled that every single day we improve the life of our clients (while jamming out and dancing to Taylor along the way)!




Hi! I'm Samatha Falzone, I grew up in DELCO and was an elementary teacher for 10 years. I've taught everywhere from Philly to Hawaii! Currently, I live in South Philadelphia with my daughter, GG who's seven years old. Prior to starting this business, I used to love Hot Yoga and moving my body.  Now, we get creative and incorporate yoga and dancing in our organization.  I also entertain Tink and the team with my singing voice every day... because unlike her, I CAN actually hold a tune.


Although, I loved teaching, I always felt called to do more with my time and talents.  When Tink started Clean House in 2020, and asked me help her organize a pantry, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! To my surprise, I LOVED it!! We spent a Friday night shopping for bins and organizational products and then blasted music while we reorganized a pantry. Never would I ever think that could be a fun way to spend a Friday night!


In 2022, Tink and I decided that we were going to go all-in and take this business to the next level.  So here we are, changing lives one room at a time! And icing on the cake!? I get to use my creativity, design skills, and eye for style, to bring energy and life back to a space! I feel pretty lucky! 


I'm Destinee! South Philadelphia born and raised! At work, I am typically the one who is quietly doing my thing while laughing with (or should I say "at") Tink and Sam.  They have taught me so much and I feel like there is so much to learn! 

I started helping them out in 2021 and we just clicked! I had no idea organizing closets was an art.  And for me, as an artist, it's given me an opportunity to explore my creativity in both organizational design and social media.  

Currently, I am an Organizational Assistant and also the Social Media Specialist for The Organized Home Co, and I look forward for what's to come!


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