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Tailored Spaces For Peaceful Living

Supportive home organization, decluttering and design services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and beyond.

Transforming Spaces, Enhancing Serenity

Our mission is to empower individuals and families to reclaim their spaces and lives by providing tailored organized home solutions that foster harmony, efficiency and tranquility. Through expert guidance, a personalized approach and a commitment to sustainability, we aim to create environments where an organized home is intuitive, fostering a sense of calm and well-being for our clients.

Organization Home and Space Services
in Philadelphia and South Jersey

At The Organized Home Co., we take time to listen and curate custom solutions for each of our clients to redefine home organization, creating spaces where everything has its rightful place and clutter disappears.

Absolutely amazing service! They are confident, creative and waste no time! I thought my attic would take at least a week to organize and they got it done in two days. This required physical labor, lots of stairs and lifting heavy items. They were not intimidated in the slightest. The end result was my dream. Bins of like items with labels too! Can't wait to get them back for the next project!

Alicia B.

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Working with Us is Simple


Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Custom Proposal

Step 3: Design & Plan

Step 4: Transform

Contact The Organized Home Co. to set up your free consultation. 

We collaborate with you to create a tailored plan that boosts efficiency and aesthetics for your organization.

Our team designs a functional space that saves time and reduces stress with a streamlined plan.

In as quick as one day, our team will restore calm to the chaos by incorporating the custom design for your space.


Organize Your Home,
Simplify Your World.

Meet Sam

Certified Professional Organizer

Sam, a former educator, transitioned her passion for teaching into a pursuit of organizational excellence, founding The Organized Home Co. in 2022. With a deep-rooted appreciation for structured environments and an entrepreneurial spirit, the company is steered beyond traditional organizing. The team specializes not only in decluttering and optimizing spaces but also in comprehensive room transformations. Expertise extends to wallpapering, painting, and installing intricate closet systems.

The Organized Home Co. is committed to developing sustainable organizational solutions and designs that ensure clients' homes enhance their lives. Your home should be your shelter, uplifting your overall wellbeing while providing support and comfort to you and your family.

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