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The Full Story


At The Organized Home Co. we believe our homes should support us figuratively and literally.  Often times, we forget the impact our spaces can have on our lives, and in turn, our homes become the cause of our stress instead of being an antidote to our troubles.

(Psst! This is a big deal! Knowing you want to feel better in your home and reaching out to the experts for help, deserves some credit! Keep listening to that voice that says "I deserve to live in a space that makes me feel like my best self", because you do! Keep listening to that voice that says, "I don't have to do this alone", because you don't! Lastly, keep listening to that voice that says "Later is the best friend of clutter" because it is! NOW is the time to do this for you!)



We take the stress and shame out of organization! Listen, we get it, living an organized life doesn't always come natural to some (in fact, it doesn't come natural to MANY)! We also understand that homes are meant to be lived in, not sterile museums.  It's our goal to help you implement and maintain simple systems to live a more organized life,  while helping you feel proud about this organizational journey you have just begun!


This is where it gets fun; the possibilities are endless! You're in the driver's seat! Tell us what you envision for the space; what you love and don't love, what you wish you had and what you know you could do without.  Then, give us a few hours and we'll transform your space into one that supports your needs and brings you joy!

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